First photo shoot…

Well, I did it. I had my first ‘real’ photo shoot this week. It was of a friend’s three children. Overall I think the shoot went very well for a first time. It was outdoors at a park in the late afternoon. It was a time for print shoot. She gets pictures of her children to give as Christmas presents and I got to work on session skills.

It was lots of fun but I have realized I still have lots to learn about photography and portraiture sessions.

One of the first things I did was try and make a connection with the kids a la Tamara Lackey. Overall that seemed to go pretty well and I was able to get all of them to talk to me a bit. We took a few shots at a tree of each child. This is where I got them to laugh by having them saying funny words instead of the typical cheese. Then we moved over to the playground. And this where I lost the oldest. He decided that he didn’t want his picture taken. The two younger ones though were into the whole thing. We did a few more poses on a large rock with all three kids and then I had them go play. This is when I grabbed some of the best shots of the evening.

I did have to face the “cheese smile” with the youngest one a few times. But to get over that I would make her laugh or ask her a question.

I shot in aperture priority mode the whole time with the 55-200mm lens. I like shooting manual but I didn’t want to try and deal with shutter speed as well as getting a feel for how the shoot would flow. I did use my reflector for a few shots and in hind sight I should have used it for a few more. We wrapped up after about 40 minutes as the light was starting to go and the kids were getting hungry.

Things that I need to work on:

  • Practice with reflector more
  • Use the reflector more
  • Work on seeing the light better in regard to shadows
  • Get to know my reciprocals
  • Continue working on posing skills

Things that I learned:

  • I am comfortable taking portraits out in public
  • I can have a vision in such situations and get it to happen
  • I am able to pose/direct people confidently
  • It was fun to do
  • And finally that I need to work on my camera skills even more

Post processing was fun as well. I didn’t do too much, a few black and whites. popped the contrast up a bit on most. The ones that I really like though are the ones that I pulled the vibrance and saturation down just a bit. This weekend I am going to keep playing and do some textures I think.

My question to you is what was your first photo shoot like?

Anyway, here are a few shots from that afternoon.


3 thoughts on “First photo shoot…

  1. Hey Matthew,
    Congrats on your first shoot. The next thing you’ll learn is that the more you actually get out there and do it the easier and better you get at it!

    My first real shoot with someone I didn’t know (a friend of a friend) was a newborn session. I felt like throwing up the first 20 minutes but it turned out alright. I remember when i uploaded the photos to my computer bring shocked that i took those image. I still use one of their images in my portfolio to this day! Then I totally blew the next shoot šŸ™‚
    Great job!!

    • Thanks Nikki! I really appreciate the support. I’ve been going through all my notes of the creativeLive class you were part of with Tamara Lackey to get ready for it. Tried to remember what you did with the kids you photographed that day. šŸ™‚

      I can’t wait for my next one now. I learned so much doing this one I just want to keep the learning going.

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