Photography bucket lists…

Lists, lists and more lists. While I am not super organized I do like the odd list or two, or three. There is so much to do, to see and learn in the photographic world that I have started a number of lists to both keep track and set myself some goals. One type of list of the items/people/places that you want to photograph. The second type of list is of the things you want to do photographically. This post will be of the second type.

I hope to  use this list as a way to set some goals for myself and to keep myself on track.

  1. Sell a photograph
  2. Be part of a creativeLive audience
  3. Go to WPPI
  4. Attend a workshop by Kelby Media Group
  5. Meet some or all the following photographers (at a conference or attend workshop done by them): Jasmine Star, Tamara Lackey, Chase Jarvis, Frank Doorhof, Matthew Jordan Smith, Brooke Shaden, Kenna Klosterman, Susan Roderick, Mikey (Lighten Up and Shoot), Andy (Unknown Photographer), Scott Kelby (actually met him once already, but would like to actually talk to him rather than just thank him for all he does)
  6. Create full photography website
  7. Have a photography published
  8. Write a photography article for a website or magazine
  9. Teach a workshop
  10. Attend Photo Plus Expo
  11. Have a photography book published
  12. Quit my job and become a full time photographer
  13. Join National Association of Photoshop Professionals
  14. Attend Photoshop World

That should keep me busy for awhile.

What are some items on your bucket lists for photography?


2 thoughts on “Photography bucket lists…

  1. My current big wish, is for when someone asks me what lens I used, I can answer them! (I currently use a little camera – planning to get a “grown up” camera very soon!

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