Learning the softbox…

I did a bit of shooting this weekend and went down a path that I didn’t think I would ever follow. I’ve had a vision for a self-portrait in my head for awhile but I am not one to take pictures of myself. At the same time I wanted to play with my Apollo softbox so I decided to go ahead and just do it.

There were a number of things that I learned

  1. Need much more practice with the softbox
  2. Need much more practice with my flash.
  3. That batteries get really hot in flash when shooting at full power.
  4. And most importantly, that what I see in my head can actually come out in the picture I create. Maybe not perfectly, but I can create an image.

I have so  much work to do in order to get to the level of skill that I want. And I truly believe that I will never stop learning. But it feels good to know that I am gaining the skills to take the idea from my head and get it into the camera.

Here it is.


8 thoughts on “Learning the softbox…

  1. Well done, I really like this. I like the mood and the b&w conversion is perfect. I really like the texture of the folds on your shirt, great detail.

  2. I really like this self portrait. And love how you described how you worked it. I really need to do more work like this with my photography. And as you said, there is always something to learn. Great work!

  3. I think I may be in a similar position to yourself. I rarely use flash, though I do have a ‘shoot through’ brolly. I rarely do portraits, largely due to the inaccessibility of suitable models. I do, however, want to practice portrait skills and will continue to look for opportunities. Maybe some self portraits could be worth a try.

    I think that your self portrait is excellent. Certainly it captures mood, and is also very well lit.

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