Putting myself out there…

Being a photographer is all about putting yourself out there. It is how you learn, how you network and how you build a client base. And it is something that I must work on getting better at.

Lets break this down into the three sections I mentioned

1) Learning-I have put myself out there to learn. But I need to take it to the next level. I lurk on various forums, but I don’t contribute  much. That needs to increase. I comment on photos on flickr and 500px. But not as much as I should. For me the next step I really feel I need to participate in is critiques. I want to find a group of photographers that I trust to evaluate my work. They can tell me what I am doing right but more importantly they can tell me what I need to do better. And this actually leads to the next section.

2) Networking-To get the critiques I want I need to network with other photographers. I am a member of the local photography club which is fantastic. The club is all about learning  & teaching. There are a number of members whose work I really admire. So what I need to do is reach out to them and ask them to review some of my work. I would also like to reach out to some of the photographers I have ‘met’ online and get their feedback.

3) Building a client base-This is an area that I am subtly working on. Meaning it is on my active radar per se, but as I am doing other projects, trainings and such I am always aware that these could be potential clients. I will be shooting some children’s portraits for people at work more for practice, but I will also be using them for my portfolio. Plus I am also hoping as others at work see the photographs they will want photos.

How am I going to put myself out there? I just need to do it. I have nothing to lose and so much to gain. What is holding me back? Fear of rejection? Rejection of what? I am who I am and no one can be me, or shoot what I shoot. As Jasmine Star has said what you do & who you are needs to either attract or repel people. If it attracts them great. If it repels them then they are not people you need in your life.

It is time to start put myself out there more.


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