The perfect camera bag…

One of the first things I learned when I became interested in photography was that there is no such thing as the perfect camera bag. Though that doesn’t stop photographers from searching for it. There are so many different combinations of gear, locations, projects that having the bag that fits all those needs is pretty tough.

  • Backpack or messenger bag?
  • Leather or canvas?
  • Room for one body or two?
  • Easy access or gear security?
  • How many lens to hold?
  • Laptop slot or no?
  • Other accessories?
  • Easy to grab and go?

Tonight I asked my wife if I were to design a bag if she could make it. Luckily she likes to sew and loves crafts. So I am going to try and design a bag over the next few weeks, run it by her for feasibility, get the materials and have it made.

Here are the features I am thinking of so far.

  • Messenger bag style
  • Laptop spot
  • One body with lens attached

Beyond that I’m not too sure yet. But looking forward to putting some designs together.

And to make the post better.


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