Flash (a-ah) savior of the photograph…

Using a speedlight can add whole new dimensions to a photograph. It can provide the right amount of light to flatter the subject or provide contrast to make the subject more dramatic. It can even freeze time.

I’ve been learning to use my SB-700 recently and I have to say using an off camera flash isn’t easy at first. But it is so worth the effort. I shoot with a D5000 which doesn’t have the best low light capabilities and having an external flash can make all the difference when shooting indoors. Just that subtle addition of light bouncing off the ceiling can help me keep my ISO down and my exposure correct.

When I decided to get an external flash I started to look for how to use it most effectively. One of the best resources I found was by David Hobby, the Strobist. His blog has wonderful series on how to use off camera flash.

Using a flash, for me at least, will help me be more creative in the pictures that I take. Which I am really looking forward to.

And as I said using a good flash can help you freeze time itself.


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