Being organized as a photographer…

Being organized is key to being a photographer. If you are shooting candids or journalistic shots you have only that moment. If you are shooting models in studio you may have as long as you need, but all that time costs money. By having a system to know what goes where you can make your life so much easier.

I’m not talking about how you organize your photos though that is important. (My shots are organized by date taken. If I am doing some post for others in a folder with their name.) But this post is more about staying organized with everything else that goes on with photography. Here are some areas that I am currently using a variety of tools for this purpose.

Inspiration-keeping track of pictures, people, things that inspire me

  • Equipment-what gear I am using or am wanting next
  • Projects-documenting project ideas and then planing of the project
  • Books-what photography/business books I own or want to own
  • Notes-the notes I take from watching creativeLIVE classes or sitting in workshops
  • Workshops/Conferences-lists of ones I want to attend
  • Lesson plan-my self assigned tasks to become a better photographer
  • Business-my ideas, plans and progress on selling some of my work

And here are some of the programs that I am using to keep track of all these things:

~OneNote/Evernote-These are not taking programs where you can organize your various notes into notebooks, use tags and make it very easy to search for data. I recently switched back to Evernote because there is no Android version of OneNote as of yet. I like both programs though so they are pretty interchangeable though I do think there are some advantages to OneNote’s user interface and layer capability.

~FreeMind-this is a mind mapping program which is easy to use. My most recent mind map is actually of the ideas I have for blog posts.

~OpenProj-an open source version of Microsoft Project I use this program to track progress on my goals, especially business related ones.

~Celtx-this is a pre-production program that helps you script, storyboard, and project plan your shots. I learned about this program from Mark Wallace on his creativeLIVE course. If you are working with a group of people this could be a life saver. I have just started developing my own photography projects so haven’t even begun to explore all the abilities of this program.

And all the programs are free except OneNote.

And as usual a picture to make the post better.


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