Having a routine…

I have learned the hard way, yet again, that I truly need to develop routines when it comes to taking pictures. I make it sound much more dramatic than it is though this situation that prompted this post could have had much worse consequences.

At my full time job the conference room tables are dark and reflective. I had a little bit of time so I decided to go ahead and work on my spinning ring project.

I was rushing myself because I hadn’t asked if I could shoot there and I was worried that someone would need to use the room. So I forgot to check my ISO setting. I have this bad habit of not doing that and need to build that into my routine so that whenever I turn my camera on I check the setting. The picture above was taken at ISO 640. Which isn’t awful, but it sure isn’t needed when I am using speedlight that  is 12 inches away.

That issue of not having a routine was small compared to the following one. This could have been a ‘by not having a routine I could have destroyed my camera mistake’. I have a Tamrac backpack which I love. The bottom half holds my camera gear and it has a side flap that I can pull the camera out without having to open the whole main section. When I was setting up I opened both the side and main flaps. When I was done I just put the camera in through the main flap, forgetting the side one was also open. Closed the main flap, flung the backpack over my shoulder. And thanks to physics & inertia the camera went flying out the open side flap. Luckily it landed on a chair and then fell to floor. Even more lucky no damage done to the body or the lens. My heart did stop though for just a moment.

Needless to say it taught me a lesson of having a routine when it comes to photography. Here are some of the routines I am putting in place:

  • Always put your camera back in the bag the same way you got it out.
  • Turn on the camera, check aperture, check shutter speed, check ISO.
  • Double check you move your extra camera battery to your other bag. As well as your memory cards
  • Make sure the memory card has been reformatted.

I’m sure I will develop more as I go, but these are the ones that I have felt the pain of by not having already.



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