In the weeds…

There are times that I get focused on the process rather than getting to the results. It used to happen when I was trying to write stories. I would come up with the idea, and possibly even start writing. But then I would get stuck. Not writer’s block stuck but rather I needed to ‘understand’ the story or the character at a deeper level. This would prevent me from writing any further. Which then caused a vicious cycle where I would get frustrated with myself for not writing. And because of that frustration I would not write. So on and so forth.

This is the same thing that has happened to me with my photography. I love taking pictures. There is no doubt about that. But because I haven’t felt inspired, or too tired, or not enough time, or some other reason I haven’t been taking pictures. I wrote a bit about this in a post last week. What I do instead is read, watch and learn about photography rather than take pictures to learn the gear and the craft.

This is not an excuse. It is an admission. I must find the inspiration to get out and take pictures again. I truly want to get better at photography. I have two ideas for pictures. One is the continuation of the reflections picture. That was a proof of concept picture. Now I need to try to get the picture I have envisioned. The other picture involves a composite with fairies acting like night lights.

I’ve gotten lost in the weeds of the photography process. It is time to find my way out.


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