How being [Framed] can help you…

One of the best photography shows on the internet is [Framed]. Currently in its second season [Framed] presents six shows a week related to various aspects of photography. The first season was strictly interviews with photographers. Each of these interviews was inspiring in their own way. They showed photographers at their best, giving back to their community, showcasing artists whose work is inspiring. I have found and followed a number of photographers showcased on [Framed].

The second season, as mentioned before, is now six times a week. Each day has a specific theme that helps photographers.

Monday-Equip Tips: A look at camera gear and how it can be used

Tuesday-[Framed]: These are the interviews with photographers. Inspiring, motivating, helpful and touching. If you watch no other episodes you should watch these.

Wednesday-Out of the Softbox; originally about lighting the new focus has been business strategies. The point is to get you to think or see alternate ways to accomplish your goals. (That is what I get from these episodes at least.)

Thursday-Post Pro: A show with lots of great post processing tips and tricks. This is my second favorite weekly episode and I watch them over and over.

Friday-Fun Friday: Bloopers, outtakes and lots of fun bits. To me this is to show us that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

Saturday-[F]rame your best shot: The weekly contest but on by [Framed]. Often there is a mini-interview with another photographer who judges the contest.

Some of the photographers that the show has pointed me to include.

Brooke Shaden

Joel Grimes

Shannon Sewell

We are the Rhoades

To me the point of [Framed] is to show me photographers who inspire, in both their work and the actions, to teach me how to be a better photographer as well as a person, to start thinking and trying new things in regards to photography. And to have fun in my passion for photography.


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