Being a photographer…

What makes a photographer? This is a question that will be debated I am sure as long as there is a way to record a still image. Is it anyone that owns a camera? Does it require a certain type of camera such as a slr or dslr? Or is it someone that sells their photographs? Does it have to be your full time job or can you be a photographer if it is only a hobby?

Scott Bourne is photographer and educator who has two podcasts that I listen to weekly. The first is Photofocus. Billled as the first photography Q&A podcast Mr. Bourne, sometimes with guests & sometimes solo, answers questions sent in by listeners regarding photography. The other podcast he hosts is Going Pro co-hosted with Skip Cohen. This show talks about how to become a professional photographer or how to take your current photography business to the next level.

But I digress a bit. I believe it was on a Going Pro episode where he answered the question (paraphrased) “When do you know you are a photographer?” Mr. Bourne’s answer has stuck with me. Again I am paraphrasing but it went along the lines of “A photographer is someone who cares about how the photograph turns out and works to understand how to make the picture better.”

This is what I have been doing for the last year and half, working on getting better, caring about how the exposure triangle works to get the proper exposure for the effect that I am envisioning in my mind, working on understanding composition and developing my skill to see the light.

I know this will be a topic I come back to every now and then as I develop my skills but also as I ponder what it means to be a photographer from other angles.

I am a photographer. And I can’t imagine not being one.


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