Lesson plans…

Starting this weekend I am dedicating myself to shooting every day again. The only way I am going to get better is to shoot more pictures. So need to get off  my butt and take pictures. No that isn’t true. I need to start making pictures. After our trip to Europe this spring I really slowed down in my picture taking. Which is really odd since that trip helped reaffirm how much I love photography.

I think the issue was that I was just taking photographs of what we saw. Which was wonderful. But I need to try and create the picture that I want, not just take what is there. I have done that somewhat as I am getting better at being conscious of how the light is falling, if the subject is in a clear space, framing etc. But I need to push myself to be more creative. The ring picture in the first post is the start of that.  I have an idea for a picture and started to work on getting that picture.

I don’t have all the fancy gear or really cool locations to shoot in. But I don’t need that. I have good gear, imagination and a wife that is super creative and crafty. What else do I need? Nothing.

My plan is to set goals for my shooting education again. These will be a little more specific than previous goals I have come up. A number of the photography books I own have exercises in them. I will be using those to increase my skills. And these goals won’t be dedicated to just photography as I want to increase my photoshop skills as well.

Time to get learning!


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