Taking a chance

One of the very first photographers I first found, and then started to stumble across was Chase Jarvis. I talked about him in my second post and his keynote speech. He has created numerous videos about photography and film making.

His ideas are constantly pushing photographers and the world we live in to be better. In this post he wrote on his blog he talks about taking a chance, stretching yourself and breaking out of the status quo. In that post he asks 5 questions. I’m going to try and answer those questions. Some of the questions may not be relevant yet, but I still want to answer them to give myself some direction.

What is your photographic vision? ~To be honest I’m not sure yet. I enjoy candid photographs. I like high contrast pictures, often with vibrant colors. I like dark pictures. Overall I want to tell some type of story with my picture.

What is your brand vision?~This is something I need to develop. This blog is part of the brand that I am trying to develop as I move forward. I recently watched a creativeLIVE workshop with Tamara Lackey on business where this is talked about a great deal. I have lots of work to do on this so expect more to come.

What is your business?~Right now I don’t have one. But I want one. And that business will be making pictures that are beautiful, touching and inspiring. I want to start off using my photos for small things like postcards, stationary and then prints to sell. What I would like to do is create fine art pictures.

What is your marketing?~I don’t have any marketing per se since I don’t have a business as of yet. When I do start marketing I want to leverage social media as much as possible.

What are your effing goals?~This one is hard and easy at the same time. My goals are to become a better photographer. I still have a good deal of work in the aspect, but then I will always be working to become a better photographer. Another goal is to get more equipment. And while it would be nice to have more camera gear I actually mean items that would help me from the business side. Attending workshops is another goal. This is to gain skills as well as network with other photographers. Finding my vision is yet another goal. Starting my business is another. I want to meet a number of photographers and thank them in person for everything they have done.

None of this is easy. I have learned that over the last year. It takes time and practice. And I must begin to practice more.



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