The learning curve…

There are many more facets to photography than most people think. It isn’t just click the button and you have a picture. Okay you can just do that, but you are just taking a picture, not making pictures.

There is the technical side of photography. Understanding how aperture, shutter speed and ISO combine to create exposure is really interesting. By changing various settings you can create whole new effects that can make the photograph look completely differently. Even after over a year of learning I’ve still got a lot to learn about this side of photography.

Here are a number of the places that I have found online to help me with that learning:





Photoshop User TV


The other facet of photography is the inspiration, giving back, caring part. The community that I have found was a bit surprising. I didn’t expect to come across a group of people that are dedicated to sharing both knowledge and themselves in so many ways.


Jasmine Star


And then there are the artists whose work I just find inspiring. I can look at pictures created by these people all day  to be inspired, to learn new techniques, to create something.

Brooke Shaden

Joel Grimes

Joe McNally

Miss Aniela

As you can see some of them are in multiple groups. In fact all of them truly should be in each category as by reading their blogs, looking at their work they are sharing part of themselves that can help make me a better photographer.

I am still on the learning curve for photography. I will always be on the learning curve. And that is a good place to be.



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