creativeLIVE and what it has done for me…

I literally stumbled into my first creativeLIVE class last fall. I had heard about this program where professional photographers would teach a class streaming live online. And it was free! I was already a fan of Chase Jarvis from some of his videos and keynote speech at Photo Plus so the concept behind creativeLIVE did not surprise me. In fact it helped draw me further into photography. It was refreshing to have experts want to help others get better.

I believe it was a tweet from Chase Jarvis on a Saturday afternoon that directed me to the creativeLIVE class that was going on live at that very moment. And after following the link I was hooked! The class was being taught by Tamara Lackey, the world famous children’s photographer. Her candor, her skills, her attitude drew me in for the rest of the afternoon.

What I really enjoyed about that class was seeing her in action as she shot some portrait sessions and then how she broke down each of her actions. She not only talked about WHAT she did but WHY she did it. So many little things started to fall in place for me, both technical skill wise but also people skill wise. Another thing about the class is how vocal her students were. They asked the questions that you were thinking, you got to know each of them in their own right. And when they were able to take shots with the models it was fantastic to see Tamara walk them through the process. You were right there getting one on one coaching with them.

I didn’t get to see day three of the class due to prior engagements which is when Tamara talked a bunch about the business side of photography (though you can watch a key part of it here right now). But I am thrilled that tomorrow she is doing another course at creativeLIVE that focuses on business! There will be so many gems of wisdom & bits of knowledge to pick up I will be writing like crazy. I haven’t gotten to see all the classes between then and now, but I have caught enough to considered hooked.

What has creativeLIVE done for me? It has inspired me to get out there and take more pictures. It has pointed me towards other photographers, both instructors, staff  and students, that I now follow and even have been in touch with asking questions. It has shown me that the photography community is one that I want to be a part of as I grow in skill. It has shown me that there is always room for improvement and that it takes hard work to be successful. It has shown me that it is okay to fail, as long as you learn from it. But most of all creativeLIVE has helped me connect to people that I admire, who can teach me, that give back to their community and truly care about creating wonderful pictures.

One day I will be in the live audience at creativeLIVE. That is a promise.

And to quote Jasmine Star ‘a post is always better with a picture.’


3 thoughts on “creativeLIVE and what it has done for me…

  1. Thank you so much for your post Matthew! We look forward to having you in the creativeLIVE Seattle studio audience someday! : ) How about submitting a video for David Nightingale or Rick Sammon? ; ) Thank you for spreading the joy of creativeLIVE to your followers! -Kenna Klosterman

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