I have been reflecting on the last year and a half of my photography journey lately. That is one of the reasons that I have not been shooting as much as I should be. It was time to take stock in what I had learned,what I have yet to learn and where I want to go with the whole thing.

So let me take them in order.

What I have learned.~Basic composition, exposure, how to shoot in manual mode, a passion for taking pictures, basic Photoshop, a community that is supportive.

What I have yet to learn.~memorize the reciprocals, more advanced composition, know my gear better, lots of business, branding, find my own style, patience, more advanced Photoshop, lighting, posing.

Where I want to go with the whole thing. ~It would be amazing to do photography full time . But there is much to learn between now and then. I want to be able to sell some of my photos, either as prints, cards, stationary. I want to become known for my style. I want to sell a picture to a magazine. I want to attend workshops and present a workshop. I want to give back to the wonderful community that has helped down this path.

And that is reason that I am starting this blog. This will be my voice that I can share my journey with those who wish to walk along with me. Maybe you will just peek in on the journey at various times. Or maybe you will walk with me as I find, learn and share what I can about photography as I strive to get better and take the type of photographs that I see in my mind’s eye.

All are welcome, so let’s take the first step.


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